Reverend Beat-Man

wild uncontrolled ONE MAN BAND style blues trash and super holy dirty wild Rock'n'Roll Puke

Reverend Beat-Man is a One-Man Band started his career in 1986 in Bern Switzerland with his band "The Monsters", then founded "Lightning Beat-Man One Man Band" and changed his name to "Reverend Beat-Man" in 1999, he tours around the world like a madman, won several prizes for his work and was nominated for the Swiss Music Prize in 2014. Played Theatre and acted in Movies (all low budged and underground) he’s the founder of Voodoo Rhythm Records.

His music has its roots in the beginnings of blues and rock’n’roll, but with a NOW! Touch but Totaly TRASHED UP !! His live shows are not concerts they are a Experiance or a very loud Obscure Performance, people say it's a nuclear blast on stage - the purest rock’n’roll in Switzerland, wild and out of control. Songs like “Jesus Christ Twist”, “i have enough” or “Don’t Stop To Dance” have been released in 6 albums over the years.

.. if you like Phil Collins, Ed Sheeran or Coldplay .. Please Stay Home .. your Ears will Bleed until you Vomit over and over again better to Stay home and watch some ass boring Netflix Series ... if you wanna know what Real Life looks and feels like come over and See the Light !! "He'll make your back crack, your liver quiver, and your knees freeze. And if you don't dig that you've got a hole in your soul, so let's give a big warm welcome for the Rev, your Beat-Man, everybody's Blues Trash Preacher, the fabulous Reverend Beat-Man.

Reverend Beat-Man - Voc / Guitar / Drums


Mi 12.6. | 20 Uhr
Einlass ab 19:30 Uhr

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